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The Beauty Queen

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Make a Simple Diet Interesting Through Healthy Recipe

Meal preparation is a bit exciting, cool and mind blowing chore. But there’s nothing compared to knowing what recipe captures dieters’ taste, consequently giving them shocking drop in weight. There are various diet and recipe available everywhere, one could find through patient and resourceful searching.

Lots of healthy and weight losing recipes everywhere and to reach the needs of most dieters, here are some flavorful, savory and mouth-watering recipes.

Kimchi Diet and Recipe

Kimchi is a famous Korean dish which is often referred to fermented Napa cabbage stuffed with various spices and pastes like garlic, red paste mixture, chili, and fish sauce and is stocked in a thick huge pot, fermented in the sun and is set aside for several months for savory result.

Not only Koreans are hooked up with this savory and peppery recipe. In fact, even Westerners like to order kimchi in Asian and Korean themed restaurants. But how kimchi consider a great weight losing diet? Kimchi is found to be effective prevention to obesity, unbelievably dropping pound and pounds of fats. The credit goes to its ingredients. Kimchi has complete natural and organic ingredients such as cabbage and spices known to have antioxidants and a great immune system booster. Napa cabbage which is mostly the ingredient in cabbage kimchi is very low in calories, making it an ideal ingredient to whatever diet.

Kimchi is also easy to prepare. Despite of its long preparation, this Asian dish can be devoured even without undergoing the process of fermentation, but of course it taste best when fermented. Usually, the fermentation process takes 2 to 3 days. So for those planning to have kimchi included in their diet, here are the simple steps in preparing it.

For Cabbage Kimchi
1. Wash the Napa cabbage then slice it into four parts and in lengthwise. Take out the sagged cabbage leaves and rinse it in a large dish full of water to thoroughly wash out the dirt and unnecessary substance. Leave it soaked and sterilized for about 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Take out the leaves and squeeze as much water out of it and chop the cabbage into one inch square piece and put it in a clean, dry and large dish.

3. Sprinkle appropriate amount of salt and toss each coat piece until it is evenly lathered with salt.

4. Soak the cabbage kimchi for twelve more hours in the fridge and leave it hibernated for 2 to 3 days.

5. While waiting for the marinated Napa cabbage to ferment, prepare the spices for kimchi stuffing. Rinse green onions and chop them up into thin lengthwise strips, peel cleaned and crushed garlic, grate the peeled ginger and shred the peeled and cleaned carrot into thin strips. Mix all ingredients and stuff the fermented cabbage with these spices.

To add more facts about this renowned Korean recipe, pickled kimchi allows lactic acid to break in the food, letting the bad bacteria fighter lactobacillus kimchii form. Experts prove that lactic acid improves endurance, promotes healthy and appropriate metabolic functioning, and regulates proper digestion. As kimchi has various natural and organic ingredients, this also improves blood circulation and consequently producing fat antioxidants that play big role in losing weight. Kimchi is one of the many diet solutions proven effective and a great choice for those looking for ultimate diet plan.

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The Most Seek Recipes of Pasta

The common perception about recipes of pasta is often a delicious Italian combo meal with bacon, cheese, tomato paste, mushrooms and eggs as the most important ingredients. This is often referred to as traditional spaghetti recipe.

This type of pasta recipe mostly captures the taste of many food trippers; they often partner this meal with French bread and toast. But what are the top 5 most seek pasta recipes, one can find in searching through the internet or reading food magazines?

Here are the lists of the meals where one can find great pasta recipes.

The most common version is pasta carbonara. It is usually known as white pasta that typically includes thick-sliced bacon dice, linguini, eggs, chopped parsley, shredded parmesan cheese and fresh ground pepper. It has unique savory flavor capturing the taste of many pasta lovers. Some think of carbonara as healthy diet, especially those health conscious individuals.

Next is seafood lasagna. This is one of the most common recipes of pasta which usually contains thinly chopped green onions, butter, peeled small shrimps, crab meat strips, all-purpose cream and lasagna noodles. Among its kind, this indulgence is easy to prepare and cook, and involves delicate cooking. This can also be prepared with other crustaceans’ meat.

Lasagna bolognese is another delicious cuisine originated in Italy that is becoming more and more popular to Americans and Europeans. It uses mozzarella instead of plain grated cheese, which makes it a total different from other lasagnas. Also, what makes it stand out is the marinara sauce mixed with ground beef as another main ingredient.

There are lots of recipes of pasta to mention like chicken pasta, fettuccine, macaroni salad, angel hair pasta with pesto and many more – these are only few. These pasta recipes are some of the most seek in the world. But some people think of it as not a healthy diet yet none likes to testify as it sure is one of the most mouth-watering and tasteful treats one could have devoured.

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Common Diseases That Should Be Considered in Caring For Betta Fish

One must know what are the possible and common diseases can be acquired as proper caring for betta fish. Betta fish are known to be very territorial, especially male species. And since they are territorial they often fight against other male betta fish and even non betta fish, which may result to injuries. They will soon be susceptible of certain freshwater fish disease if they aren’t urgently cured. But what are the most common diseases a betta fish can acquire?

Bettas naturally lived in organically grimy shallow rice paddies and slow moving streams. To the fact that they live in such environment, they are very susceptible of bacterial infections. One of the most common diseases they are susceptible to is fin rot. They are prone to this disease, especially when overcrowded. Fin rot can also be the result of poor water quality; it’s better to keep well maintained flow of water for better caring for betta fish. It should at once be brought up to the vet when dropping for a health advice.
Betta fish is mostly referred to as tension and stress reliever. Their brilliant colors, flowing fins and flaunting tails are very entertaining and eye-catching. But can they also experience stress? The answer is yes. They are prone to being unconstructively affected by environmental stress, which is a common problem not only to betas but for many different pet. Some of its signs include twisted fins, patterned skin discoloration that are often compared to skin disease in human, open red or white sores and difficulty in breathing.
Stress is also contagious to bettas; it is more likely compared to a virus. The common cause is overcrowding and cloudy water surrounding them. The owner must respond to its betta’s condition if some of these symptoms are observed. Or else the betta fish will soon lie at the base of the tank, become motionless for long period of time and may get killed due to difficulty of breathing. Well, caring for betta fish can be very fulfilling once they are kept from illness and infections. Just let them feel the proper care and love.

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Interesting Facts on How to Care for Betta Fish

It’s a nice feeling to have betta fish for pet, and steps on how to care for betta fish is very much interesting and topic to discuss. They truly can relieve work stress and even anxieties. Of course, who can resist from its flashy color, flaunting tails and alluring appeal? Betta fish is a tropical fish originally came from Asia. They come in different varieties and breed. Since they are freshwater fish, they are more likely to be placed in a small fish bowls or in a larger aquarium. They look lovelier when placed near the entrance door.

But what are the things to consider when caring for betta fish, aside from its aquarium? Here are the interesting facts on how to care for betta fish.

1. Betta fish in their natural habitat lives in small mud puddles and usually gulp air from water surface, to keep them healthy, always maintain plenty of clean water, with temperature that should never drop below 74 degrees Fahrenheit and in average of 79 degrees Farenheit warm. One must need a heater and thermometer to maintain such environment for betta fish.

2. This freshwater fish is a carnivore of its kind. Foods rich in protein should be given to them; frozen processed foods are also ideal. They also need healthy diet. Giving them proper diet can boost their immune system and prolong their life expectancy. And similar to most freshwater creature, do not overfeed them.

3. Male betta fish are very territorial; they’re always into protecting their territory against their fellow male beta fish and other freshwater fish. As much as possible, separate the betta fish to a different bowl or aquarium to avoid injuries that is caused by fighting against other aquarium fish.

4. Since they live comfortably where there are lots of places to hide like freshwater plants, provide filter maintenance to keep the water clean. They also feel more comfortable with soft cover as they are naturally from mud puddles and marshes.

5. Betta fish can also acquire fish diseases. Once a betta fish is susceptible of certain illness, it’s better to ask help from the vet or separate him from his fellow to avoid transmitting the virus to them. Or try reading tips on how to cure betta fish from certain disease online. And to keep away from this, regular water and aquarium maintenance should be properly observed. This is how to properly care for betta fish and at the same time, enjoy a hobby that’s very fulfilling.

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Chicken Pastas One Can’t Afford To Miss

Some people say chicken pastas are not ideal diet, especially those wanting a slim and belly fat free figure. But none can resist when it is served during mealtime. In fact, it is even becoming more and more popular as one of the most devoured menus

Chicken and pasta are a great combo meal and are often quick and easy to prepare and can be cooked with various spices and sauces or leave room for experiments.  This type of pasta recipe comes in different preparation with different ingredients.

Chicken, in the first place, can be prepared in many ways before stuffing the sauce and pasta. This includes, broiling, roasting, grilling and even baking, making the chicken meat more juicy and savory. Plus, chicken pastas can be best cooked in a saucepan and sautéed with chopped green onions and tasteful spices.

This type of pasta menu comes with various preparations and cooking styles such as broccoli chicken casserole, chicken pasta puttanesca and chicken pasta salad. These three common chicken and pasta recipes come in full package as it is often referred to as one dish meal full of carbohydrate and meat. It is also known as the hunter’s food.

But why most people like to eat this pasta menu that they can’t afford to miss? Chicken pasta casserole, for instance, has great combination of ingredients such as vegetable oil, dried basil leaves, dried oregano leaves, minced garlic cloves and fresh broccolis, making it a traditional menu in most family occasions.

The same with chicken casserole with pasta, pasta puttanesca with grilled chicken includes some herbs and organic ingredients like olive oil, tomato and herb sauce, dried red pepper, and dry white wine, making it the most delicious, peppery and savory pasta indulgence.

Chicken pastas, the all time family favorites are perfect chicken dish one could see in many restaurants’ classic menus, making it an amazing recipe for all occasion and truly a great delight one could not afford to miss.

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S*Show’s First Edition

S*Show’s Greatest Transformation of the Year
Kerrlyn Ross Teruel

Pitong Buwan bago matapos ang taong 2005, ay namataan ng S*Show ang biglaang pagpapayat nito. Halos hindi ako makapaniwala sa aking natuklasan hindi lamang sa dahilang payat kundi pati na rin sa personalidad at ang pagkakaroon nito nang tinatawag na GUTS. Hindi binalak akalain ni Miss K.R. Teruel na dati’y iniintrigang tibo ay tunay na babae pala. Sa pagpapatuloy tinanong ko siya kung bakit biglaan ang pangangayayat nito, at ang tugon niya sa akin ay : “Kinakailangan kasi balang araw!”. Alam niyo ba na noong una raw ay nahihirapan siyang magdiet at mag-adjust. Dati raw kasi’y niriremind palagi siya nang kanyang instructor na dapat magbawas na raw siya ng timbang lalo na nung nagkaroon sila ng swimming lessons. Pero kung sa pag-uugali ang pag-uusapan ay walng pagbabago, ganun pa rin siya syempre, ang dating friendly ay lalong naging friendly!. At di lang ‘yun, na-develop din ang self-cinfidence at self-concept nito. So I hope that it will happen to the following persons: Mrs. Lieza T. Tayo(?), Mrs. Christie Kae T. Tamon(?) at lastly Mrs. Ma. Meldy V. ——( ayan meldz safe ka!)

S*Show’s Survivor of the Year
Iza May Evangelista

Ang S*Show ay lubos na gumagalang at humahanga sa pagiging matatatg mo, Ms. I. Matatag, di amang sa paharap ng pisikal na problema kundi pati na rin ng mga emosyonal mong problema, Napag-alaman ng S*Show na nalampasan ni Ms.I ang pisikal na sakit na kanyang naranasan na kung tawagin ay hepatitis. Agad na nalunasan ang sakit niyang ito, ngunit di pa man natapos ang taon(2005) ay inoperahan siya dahil sa pagkakaroon into ng appendicitis, ngunit di laman sakit sa katawan ang naranasan niya kundi naranasan niya rin ang masaktan ang damdamin. ayon sa pagkakaalam ng S*Show ay kaka-split pa lang daw nito sa kanyang jowa. Gayunpaman ay lubos na nagpapasalamat ang babaeng ito dahil sa hindi siya pinababayaan ng kanyang mga mahal sa buhay, katulad ng kanyang kaibigang si Ms. Frita. Sa muli ay lubos na kinikilala ka ng S*Show bilang The Iron Lady of Wisdom.

S*Show’s Blessed Person of the Year
Anreb Zedric Genandoy

Si Mr. A.Z. Genandoy ang napili bilang Blessed Person of the Year dahil sa pagdating ng isang
oportunidad upang maging iskolar ng isang institusyon at sa pagkakaroon ng marami pang mga kaibigan.

S*Show’s Gossip Personality of the Year
Raymond Philip Nieles

Wala ng tatalo pa kay Mr. Nieles pagdating sa pagiging updatednito sa mga latest at mainit init pang mga tsismis tungkol sa mga nagyayari sa mga buhay ng Wisdom_04, at sa pagbabahagi nito sa malawakang pang-iintriga ng S*Show. Saludo kami sa iyo Kapatid na Popet! naway ipagpatuloy mo ang mabuti mong gawain.

S*Show’s Humblest Person of the Year
Ernie Templanza

Dahil sa pagiging Down-to-earth nito sa girlfriend niya. At handang amin ang anumang kahinaan at kakulangan, ngunit ang tanong “Bakit di mo magawa sa isang kaibigan?”( Hi Hazel!).

S*Show’s Love Story of the Year
John Paul Locsin at Karen Mae Dela Cruz

Totohanan na ba ito? O handa na ba ako sa mga malalaman ko? Hay! Nakakakaba talaga, sana di lang mabukin. Ang tanging masasabi ng programang ito :Goodluck and lived with God, for God is Love

S*Show’s Inconceivable Relationship of the Year
Ang Relasyong Genemy G. at Hyrtz T.

Sa di malamang dahilan kung ano nga ba ang batayan ni Ms. GG sa pagpili ng lalaking ito. Totoo nga kayang bulag ang pag-ibig?. wika nga ni Balagtas, “Oh ang pag-ibig pagpumasok sa puso ninuman hahamakin ang lahat lalamunin ka lamang” este “masunod ka lamang” True love nga ba ito Ms. GG?

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What The F@*k IS Social Media: One Year Later

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