Posted by: jigoantonio | February 10, 2011

Common Diseases That Should Be Considered in Caring For Betta Fish

One must know what are the possible and common diseases can be acquired as proper caring for betta fish. Betta fish are known to be very territorial, especially male species. And since they are territorial they often fight against other male betta fish and even non betta fish, which may result to injuries. They will soon be susceptible of certain freshwater fish disease if they aren’t urgently cured. But what are the most common diseases a betta fish can acquire?

Bettas naturally lived in organically grimy shallow rice paddies and slow moving streams. To the fact that they live in such environment, they are very susceptible of bacterial infections. One of the most common diseases they are susceptible to is fin rot. They are prone to this disease, especially when overcrowded. Fin rot can also be the result of poor water quality; it’s better to keep well maintained flow of water for better caring for betta fish. It should at once be brought up to the vet when dropping for a health advice.
Betta fish is mostly referred to as tension and stress reliever. Their brilliant colors, flowing fins and flaunting tails are very entertaining and eye-catching. But can they also experience stress? The answer is yes. They are prone to being unconstructively affected by environmental stress, which is a common problem not only to betas but for many different pet. Some of its signs include twisted fins, patterned skin discoloration that are often compared to skin disease in human, open red or white sores and difficulty in breathing.
Stress is also contagious to bettas; it is more likely compared to a virus. The common cause is overcrowding and cloudy water surrounding them. The owner must respond to its betta’s condition if some of these symptoms are observed. Or else the betta fish will soon lie at the base of the tank, become motionless for long period of time and may get killed due to difficulty of breathing. Well, caring for betta fish can be very fulfilling once they are kept from illness and infections. Just let them feel the proper care and love.


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