Posted by: jigoantonio | February 10, 2011

Interesting Facts on How to Care for Betta Fish

It’s a nice feeling to have betta fish for pet, and steps on how to care for betta fish is very much interesting and topic to discuss. They truly can relieve work stress and even anxieties. Of course, who can resist from its flashy color, flaunting tails and alluring appeal? Betta fish is a tropical fish originally came from Asia. They come in different varieties and breed. Since they are freshwater fish, they are more likely to be placed in a small fish bowls or in a larger aquarium. They look lovelier when placed near the entrance door.

But what are the things to consider when caring for betta fish, aside from its aquarium? Here are the interesting facts on how to care for betta fish.

1. Betta fish in their natural habitat lives in small mud puddles and usually gulp air from water surface, to keep them healthy, always maintain plenty of clean water, with temperature that should never drop below 74 degrees Fahrenheit and in average of 79 degrees Farenheit warm. One must need a heater and thermometer to maintain such environment for betta fish.

2. This freshwater fish is a carnivore of its kind. Foods rich in protein should be given to them; frozen processed foods are also ideal. They also need healthy diet. Giving them proper diet can boost their immune system and prolong their life expectancy. And similar to most freshwater creature, do not overfeed them.

3. Male betta fish are very territorial; they’re always into protecting their territory against their fellow male beta fish and other freshwater fish. As much as possible, separate the betta fish to a different bowl or aquarium to avoid injuries that is caused by fighting against other aquarium fish.

4. Since they live comfortably where there are lots of places to hide like freshwater plants, provide filter maintenance to keep the water clean. They also feel more comfortable with soft cover as they are naturally from mud puddles and marshes.

5. Betta fish can also acquire fish diseases. Once a betta fish is susceptible of certain illness, it’s better to ask help from the vet or separate him from his fellow to avoid transmitting the virus to them. Or try reading tips on how to cure betta fish from certain disease online. And to keep away from this, regular water and aquarium maintenance should be properly observed. This is how to properly care for betta fish and at the same time, enjoy a hobby that’s very fulfilling.


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