Posted by: jigoantonio | February 10, 2011

The Most Seek Recipes of Pasta

The common perception about recipes of pasta is often a delicious Italian combo meal with bacon, cheese, tomato paste, mushrooms and eggs as the most important ingredients. This is often referred to as traditional spaghetti recipe.

This type of pasta recipe mostly captures the taste of many food trippers; they often partner this meal with French bread and toast. But what are the top 5 most seek pasta recipes, one can find in searching through the internet or reading food magazines?

Here are the lists of the meals where one can find great pasta recipes.

The most common version is pasta carbonara. It is usually known as white pasta that typically includes thick-sliced bacon dice, linguini, eggs, chopped parsley, shredded parmesan cheese and fresh ground pepper. It has unique savory flavor capturing the taste of many pasta lovers. Some think of carbonara as healthy diet, especially those health conscious individuals.

Next is seafood lasagna. This is one of the most common recipes of pasta which usually contains thinly chopped green onions, butter, peeled small shrimps, crab meat strips, all-purpose cream and lasagna noodles. Among its kind, this indulgence is easy to prepare and cook, and involves delicate cooking. This can also be prepared with other crustaceans’ meat.

Lasagna bolognese is another delicious cuisine originated in Italy that is becoming more and more popular to Americans and Europeans. It uses mozzarella instead of plain grated cheese, which makes it a total different from other lasagnas. Also, what makes it stand out is the marinara sauce mixed with ground beef as another main ingredient.

There are lots of recipes of pasta to mention like chicken pasta, fettuccine, macaroni salad, angel hair pasta with pesto and many more – these are only few. These pasta recipes are some of the most seek in the world. But some people think of it as not a healthy diet yet none likes to testify as it sure is one of the most mouth-watering and tasteful treats one could have devoured.


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