ThE ReAl Me




This is Jigo Emmanuel Antonio; you can call me “Jigs”. I’m twenty two years of age. Drawing and reading books and novels are few of my hobbies. I used to draw anime characters and used to read sci-fi novels. I also like to recycle used things and plastics and a matter of fact, I made one cocktail dress out of garbage bag -but that’s only for the show. I’m not good with sports, I really admit it, but I’m good in keeping friends. I gain their trust for I show them that I can be trusted.  They used to tell me that I am resourceful, creative, trustworthy, responsible and so much friendly. I’m always happy and I find no room for sadness.

I took up vocational course in architectural drafting. I had an outstanding performance when I was in college and dealing with numbers and sketches were few of my expertise and in fact I used to sketch Hollywood actors and actresses.

With my work experiences, I worked with one of the US based BPO company before. And I had been a Customer Service Representative for almost nine months. Due to my outstanding performance with my previous employer, they endorsed me for another level of training for Senior Representatives. Unfortunately, I turned it down for some personal reasons. Well, working as a CSR deals with a lot of issues. I used to deal with different types of customers and in most cases, my customer commend me for I solved many of their issues. That was a job well done for me.


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