Decorative Modern Throw Pillows by Erica Stone

Follow these five tips to make sure you pick the best decorative modern throw pillows for your home when shopping online. Throw pillows are one of those difficult shopping items. It’s hard to find them in the store and know that they’ll truly match the patterns and prints already on your furniture and bedding. You can’t really stuff that sofa in your purse and take it with you as a swatch for a shopping expedition. That’s why shopping online can actually give you great results, even if you can’t touch the pillow before you decide to buy. These tips will help you validate that your choice won’t disappoint when the Fed Ex truck drops them off at your house.

    1. Look around the room for which you’re buying the decorative throw pillows and take some notes about the style of your decor, overall color theme, and the tones of any wood furniture.

    2. Use this online color tool to decide the best complementing shades to match your room. You can select mono settings if you’re sticking with shades of one color or two to three accenting colors by clicking through the circle buttons at the top of the tool.

    3. View a selection of modern throw pillows online, looking for patterns that match your decor in colors you picked from the color tool.

    4. Print out a picture of the modern throw pillows you like, enlarging them on your computer’s digital imaging software, if necessary, and hold them up to the furniture already in your room. The color detail of your print may not be exact, but you’ll get a good feel for how the pillows will look when they arrive.

    5. Make sure you’re ordering from a safe and secure website.

Following these simple online shopping tips will make sure you’re as happy with your purchase when it’s in your home as you were when you pushed that order button.


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